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ABOUT InterVarsity

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InterVarsity is a global Christian fellowship that is designed to make a spiritual and wholistic impact on Students and Faculty through the love of Jesus Christ for the love of mankind. Events, sessions, prayer, and more are made available to be a light and to share God's love on the campus. Fostering meaningful groups, developing leaders, and making world changers for Christ's Kingdom is our ultimate mission and goal.  

On Site

Events are held specifically for Graduate Students & Faculty from this chapter.


Weekly sessions are free to everyone on the campus and they are free to public. 

Church Partners

Christian Churches that become partners are welcome to serve and minister!

Organizations & Businesses

Both may become partners to help meet needs of the campus & community.

Valentine's Day 2024

InterVarsity GFM + The University of Houston+ Church Partners + Student Council = God's Love experienced on February 14th for over 200 souls!!

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