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A Journey Through the Bible Card Game

Join the movement to get God's word back into the hearts and minds of believers, now and to come!

Our nation is moving further away from God's word. Not just because they reject it but because it is no longer promoted, talked about, and explained with clarity. God's word is a lamp unto our pathway and a light unto our feet. God's word is sharp enough to separate our soul and spirit. If one is truly Christ's disciple one will continue in His word. God's word is how one studies to show that they are approved unto God and how one will not be made ashamed. God's word is what must be hidden one's heart so that they do not sin against Him. Heaven and earth SHALL pass away but God's word will endure forever. If you didn't realize all but the first two sentences are God's words then I most definitely invite you to join this journey through the Bible. Enjoy learning God's word and all that it will do for you and your world.

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