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Meet Minister Angela

Biblical Content Creator  I  InterVarsity Volunteer Lead

Minister Angela Bolin is a native Houstonian and a licensed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She has been blessed with a tremendous ability to teach the Word of God to all ages, background and ethnicities.  

Her love for God's word and God's purpose for her life runs deep and propels her to diligently help individuals connect to their next steps in God. She is the newly appointed Campus Minister to Graduates and Faculty  at the University of Houston, which consist of over 8K souls,  through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  As a 32 year old member of The R.O.C.K. ,under the Sr. Leadership of Dr. Dana Carson, she serves in a leadership capacity through teaching, mentoring youth girls, administrating projects, directing department teams and more.  

Minister Angela completed her MFA in Film Production in 2021 and is currently in pre-production of her first feature film.  With a heart and calling to unite the Body of Christ in preparation for our Lord's return, her films and filming methodology will do just that! 

Minister Angela is a Kingdom Reformer on the rise who teaches and preaches the Kingdom of God. Souls are forever changed, minds are renewed and hearts are inspired through her ministry and anointed giftings. 

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