Bible Studies

Learning the Bible is how we learn about God.  To not study His word is to miss building and establishing a meaning and flourishing relationship with Him.  Don't let another week go by without enhancing your walk in the Lord!  Guests are ALWAYS welcomed!


Believe it or not, there is a difference between Christ's Church and His Kingdom.  They are not interchangeable although, as a believer, you should be a part of both.  

Not all believers are clear about the Kingdom of God, and many believe it's the place we go when we die but the truth is, the Kingdom is accessible right now!  It's all begins with allowing the King to have dominion in your heart and then it builds from there!

Kingdom Life Groups are small groups at The R.O.C.K. World Outreach International in Houston, TX.  Our 12-week topic IS, What Is the Kingdom?  Guests are always welcome to attend and we are using an awesome Study Guide to assist you!

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Ages 12 & 13

Youth Girls Bible Study

At The R.O.C.K. we believe in making an intergenerational impartation into our children and youth.  It's not just Sunday morning classes that are available, we also have Kingdom Life Groups for their ages.

Minister Bolin is leading young ladies, ages 12&13.  No matter where you live, you are cordially invited to join us online each week as gain an understanding of Salvation, the Major Biblical Characters of the Bible and as well as our Christian Foundational Principles found in Hebrews 6:1-2 and more!

Sundays:  8:30AM CST Via Zoom

Thursdays: 4:30 PM CST Via Zoom